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Policies & Procedures

Discipline and Rules

We have very few school rules and those rules that we insist upon the children obeying are mainly concerned with their health and safety or expedient organisation.  Children are reminded of these as and when necessary.  Rules are outlined to parents at the induction meetings to the Nursery and Infants and some are contained within this brochure.

The Head Teacher takes responsibility for the behaviour of the children at school.  Together with the teachers, assistants, nursery nurses and welfare assistant we aim to generate a sense of awareness and caring for people and property.  We believe that children who are treated with respect will respond and try to co-operate.  We find that praising children for the things they do well usually brings better results than constant highlighting of the things they do badly.  When we disapprove of a child’s behaviour we tell him/her, and if the behaviour persists then we remove the child from the source of contention and if possible provide some alternative activity.  We ensure that the children know it is their behaviour that is disapproved of, not themselves.  If your child’s behaviour is continually a cause for concern we contact you and together we try to help him/her.  Corporal punishment is not used.

Complaints Procedure

If parents have a query or complaint about the School Curriculum, Religious Education or Worship, they should contact the Headteacher.  A difficulty can usually be settled informally at this stage.  If this should not prove possible parents should ask to see a copy of the Schools document entitled "Complaints Procedure" which is available for inspection at school or by clicking on the link in the Policies section to the right.  This document sets out how parents may pursue a complaint. 


This school carries standard insurance cover, and personal accident insurance for the children.

Charging policy—summary statement

It is proposed that the children will be given the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities during the year, such as visits by coach to places of interest.  They will also receive visits from theatre groups, poets, authors or musicians. A voluntary contribution will be asked for as required. There is no obligation to contribute and no pupil in the group will be omitted from the activities, but it will be necessary to have substantial voluntary parental contributions in order that the activities take place.  If we do not get your full support we will be unable to continue with our present policy of visits/visitors.