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Health & Safety

For Health and Safety reasons we do not allow the following:-

1. Children to be left or picked up at the school gate or in the playground.

2. Parents to bring their car onto the school premises, reverse into the school entrance or park on the zig~zag lines.

3. Smoking in the school buildings or grounds.

4. Dogs (apart from guide dogs) to be brought onto the premises or tied up to the gate without prior permission.

5. Unauthorised visitors.  All visitors must report to the school office and need to obtain a visitors badge.

Parking Charter

Please take time to read the Parking Charter below. Please endeavour to walk to and from to school with your child. If you do arrive in other modes of transport, please be respectful of other road users and neighbouring residents.

Visitor's Policy

Please report to the main reception if you are visiting the school whether on business or other purposes. Further to safeguarding regulations, please remember that we may ask to see identification and DBS certificates when required and if we do so, it is  for  your safety and the safety of the childen.