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General Information for Parents

Parental Help

DB Primary

Please encourage your children to use DB Primary at home or at the local library. It will ensure they make full use of the resources available on their Classroom, Year Group and Topic Room pages. There are also many different activities available in the learning library on DB Primary.  Please ask if you need any help with accessing DB Primary. 

Please click here or on the link in the navigation tabs at the top of the screen to access the children's  login page for DB Primary.

Play and Learning

Play contributes to both the mental and physical health of children and young people.
Through play, children:

  • explore materials
  • play imaginatively
  • express their emotions
  • learn social skills of sharing, turn-taking and negotiation
  • solve problems
  • develop communication and language skills

There is  information on the London Borough of Hillingdon website for each month of the year, which gives you ideas that can be used again and again, to encourage your children at play. Please click here to visit the London Borough of Hillingdon Play and Learning page.  You can also click on each month below to look at the Year of Play ideas from October to June.


Language and Communication Skills

Please click on each image for help and ideas for how to support your child's language and communication skills.