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Emergency Closures

School closure due to snow

We will always endeavour to keep the school open at all times during the year but with various forecasts indicating a risk of snow over the coming days we are sharing the following information and considerations with you.  

If we experience significant snow/ice in the area:

1. Can a sufficient number of staff get into school so that we can teach, but also maintain a safe pupil/adult ratio?

2. Our staff have children in other schools - can they arrange childcare for them in case their school closes?

3. Can sufficient support staff get into school for first aid, catering etc?

4. Can the school be confident all our staff can get home again safely if the weather becomes worse?

5. Are the surrounding public roads and pavements safe enough to enable children to safely get to the site and leave the site?

6. Can we clear safe pathways on-site, to enable parents/carers and children to enter the site and leave the site? We currently only have one member of premises staff available in the morning.

7. What are the travel conditions in the local area? Has the Met Office recommended to avoid driving?

8. Can we get deliveries in for food so children can have lunches?

9. Is the heating and hot water functioning as normal?

10. If we close, how will working parents/carers arrange childcare?

Whatever decision we make, it is never taken lightly. Our options are:

1. Close a day in advance and hope the forecast was right

2. Decide on the morning by 7.15am at the latest, when we have assessed the school site

3. Open as normal, but use “early closure” if the weather seems to change

Any decision that is made is in the best interests of keeping the children safe.

It would be helpful if parents make contingency plans about how your child would be looked after in the event the school would have to close.

We will inform parents of any closure by text message by 7.30 am at the latest and on the school website. Further updates will be sent during the day and additional messages posted on the website.


Thank you for your support.