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School Organisation - Teaching Groups

In the Nursery 50 children are registered at each session and taught by two teachers and four full-time nursery nurses.  The children work individually and in small and large groups.  A profile is kept of each child’s progress and this helps curriculum planning which usually follows a termly theme and aims to cover all curriculum areas.  Any areas not covered by the theme are taught separately.

In the infant school the children are taught in mixed ability classes using a range of strategies which includes whole class teaching, small groups and individual teaching.  For some tasks children are grouped by ability, on other occasions they may work in mixed ability or friendship groups.  Teachers plan in year groups on a termly and weekly basis.  These plans include all curriculum areas.  Individual teachers then plan and monitor their curriculum coverage on a daily basis and keep records of pupil progress and interests which further informs their planning. 

The school is organised into nine classes,  three Year 2 classes, three Year 1 classes and three Reception classes.  Each class in Years 1 and 2 have a part-time (a.m.) classroom assistant. Each Reception class has a full-time classroom assistant.

Both nursery and infant children are offered a curriculum which aims to increase their knowledge, develop concepts, creativity and skills and encourage positive attitudes towards learning.  It encompasses the following areas ~ literacy and numeracy, aesthetic and creative, human and social, linguistic, mathematical, moral, physical, scientific, spiritual and technological.

The Early Years Foundation Stage